Monday, September 5, 2011

I made a skirt!

I managed to complete a grown up skirt for myself over the weekend!  I am totally wearing it out in public today too so we'll see if it passes the all important school mum glance test at drop off and pick up (and dont pretend you dont know what I mean!).

I followed this pattern which was really clear and easy to follow, especially for someone who generally sticks with smaller peoples clothes.

I used this material - which I am sure is meant for quilting, not skirt making!

And these are the best photo's I could get whilst using a 7 year old and an iphone!

Lucky for me it's 21 in Melbourne today!


  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous! I will have to check out that pattern and re-acquaint myself with my sewing machine I think! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Oh it's lovely! Another great job done! I have no doubt it passed the school Mum glance test (love that), in fact I think it would pass a full on stare session :o) xo


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