Saturday, May 19, 2012


This is what I look like today after having all of wisdom teeth removed yesterday.  Just without the mask.  My head is so wide at my jaw I couldn't put my tshirt on this morning so I am staying in my pyjamas all day.  You should see the icepak the hospital sent home - it wraps around my cheeks and ties at my head like a headband.  I feel like crap and look it too. 
When I saw this today on the Etsy blog and I had to share.  Because it has babushkas.  And because it it is beautiful.  Which I am not, today anyway.


  1. Oh you poor thing! You did make me laugh though with the Mr Invisible thing :) Yes, the babushkas are amazing, aren't they? I'm a huge fan of Mitsy's work. Take good care. Kx

  2. Oh lovely lady, you poor thing, that sounds a little horrendous.
    I had two wisdoms taken out about 10 years ago... in the chair... and I fainted! Yep, couldn't take the sound and the pressure. Ergh, why oh why do they even exist!? They're not as helpful as the name for them might describe.
    Hope the swelling subsides and your poor little face improves real soon xo


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