Thursday, May 3, 2012

My creative space...

It's all about spots and skirts...

Spotty t-shirts for the boys to wear to a wee girly friends Spotty party.

Grab spotty fabric, cut out big circle spots, sew them on a plain t-shirt.
Spotty Party Ready.

Pale blue spots on one side....

Navy blue spots on the other.
Will it be overdoing the whole Spotty theme by pairing this with navy spotty leggings and a nay top with pale blue spotty

And what does one do when you stuff up the binding on the bottom of the skirt?!  The binding didn't catch both layers of the fabric so then I had to add that fancy zig zag stitch to fix it up.  I'm going to pretend it was on purpose if anyone asks.

This one's a special order for a friend...
Little Red Riding Hood fabric from Spotlight.

And the other side - Lisette fabric from Spotlight too.

And another reversible number...
Dolly Clothing fabric from Spotlight too.

And the navy blue from the Lisette range.

I'm thinking of making a few of these reversible numbers and maybe selling them at a little market later on this year.  So far I've only ever really made things for people I know and my own little poppets so the wee quirks (errors!) in each one have not really been an issue.  I might have to smarten up my sewing skills!

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  1. I love them all - I especially love your red riding hood skirt and the ric rac with it(I bought that fabric a few weeks back too!).

  2. They are all just gorgeous, and I love your fancy zigzag stitch, no one would ever have known!! x

  3. Love the Red riding hood skirt, great fabric combo.

  4. Oh I LOVE these skirts lady, they're beautiful, clever thing!
    The spotty theme is cool, the shirt actually looks like it has a paw print on it at first glance, so cute! xo

  5. The skirts are gorgeous!
    IMO you can never have too many spots.

  6. LOVE the skirts!!! And yes, you should sell them..i'd by one for my poppet! Thanks for sharing your cleverness. Mezz

  7. Good luck with making these for a market. They look adorable and if my daughter was still little I would love one of these for her.

  8. omg these are super cute!!!! i would buy one for sure so do make more and sell them!

  9. You can never over do the polka dots. I love the skirts they are so adorable even the zig zag love!!

  10. Spotty fantastic! Will be attempting one of those reversible skirts soon. Such a brilliant idea.

  11. what a gorgeous skirt pattern! I love the mix of fabrics you've used - they match so so well!

    And to be honest, I'd never have thought to zigzag the edge of the binding - I'd have sighed and unpicked and re-done.The zigzag was a brilliant idea!


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