Thursday, May 24, 2012

My creative space...

Yay!  My wool arrived!  Love coming home from a (winning!!!) game of netball to find lovely packages on my doorstep.  I shall be starting the Mario blanket straight away!

I whipped this reversible number up for one of lovely nieces.  She's 11 and quite the bike-riding triathlete so I thought this lovely Michael Miller fabric was very appropriate.  I went shopping for this down at Gail B's in Bayswater and I literally had to have my blinkers on when I went in so that I wouldn't buy the entire fabric range in the store!!!!

Can anyone help me with this annoying technical issue???  Every time I visit a webpage I get this annoying little pop up ad in the bottom corner of my screen and I can't seem to get rid of it.  I've run my virus software through, a cleaner program, looked at at all my pop-up settings and still it taunts me! 

Creative spaces is now at Village Voices on Kidspot.


  1. Very cute little skirt! Your Mario blanket is going to look super cute :)

  2. Sorry I'm of no techinical use to you but congrats on the netball win and love the skirt. I think I need a skirt with bicycles on it too hehe. xx

  3. Loving the skirt, that is way cool. Can't wait to see the Mario blanket progress.
    Sorry can't help with the pop up box, what a pain, and is it seriously asking 'who will you marry?'... think we're a little past that aren't we lady, haha! xo


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