Thursday, May 10, 2012

My creative space...

More skirts this week!  I'm really cutting down my time making these reversible numbers and small people seem to love them.  I've had a sweet report of one little poppet whipping into the loo to change her skirt around several times during a kinder sesion!

I do need to find a reliable source of ric rac however!  I can't consistently seem to find lots of colours or of a good quality.  Spotlight is a good stop gap for quick supplies but... it is Spotlight!

I loved the owls on this one but I like to give them a plainer side too so spots make another appearance. 

The crochet cushion making is coming along too. 
 How satisfying is a pile of cut off yarny tails???!!!

The front...
It will look better once it's stretched over a cushion.

I'm crocheting a plain back for this one.
The pattern comes from Mollie Makes.

Love these clover soft touch hooks.  I'm building up a wee collection of these.  I'm waiting for my lovely friend Penni's new shop, The Stash Cupboard, to bring in some other sizes I am missing so I can complete my collection.

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  1. how cool 2 skirts in one :) and the cushion cover too :)

  2. The skirts are gorgeous and such a great idea, what girl wouldn't love an extra outfit change? Your crochet squares are looking good and will make a fabulous cushion cover. xx

  3. I love those crochet cushion covers! They are the sorts of things that get passed down the generations aren't they? :)

  4. Loving the cushion cover, and I so get the satisfying pile of threads! One of the best parts of making something, means the end is in sight! Gorgeous skirt too, I wish I had a daughter to make cute stuff for, my boys are not really appreciative of my cute making skills! Have a great day, Jules :)

  5. you shouldn't have to wait too much longer, I've put in two separate orders to replenish my supplies.

  6. The cushion cover looks brilliant. Loving all the colours. Loving the little squares. SO cute.
    Those skirts are so good too... off to see if I can find that book at my local library. They do tend to get a lot of great craft books... maybe I'll be lucky.
    Laughed at the idea of a kinder girl changing her skirt through the session. I suspect that would happen with Ms. M too.

  7. those skirts are very cite :) loving the cushion too. my mollie makes turned up finally, so cant wait to make my own :) cheers

  8. Oh that skirt is way to sweet! why if i had a reversible skirt, I'd be changing several times a day too!

  9. Oh you clever clever lady! It all looks so lovely. Love the story about the littlie doing costume changes in the bathroom, haha, a diva in the making, maybe!? Those skirts are gorgeous though, I'm telling you, start making them for big girls and you'll be wealthy.
    Oh and have you tried Lincraft for ric rac?? My local store always keeps a good supply xo

  10. Any little girl would love a skirt like this! And the cushion in progress is lovely.

  11. I am always struggling with my ends, they really drive me mad! I love that you look at them and see "a satisfying pile of yarny tales!" I will have to chance my perspective on them...

  12. The cushion cover looks great - I must try these soft touch hooks, they sound nice to use!

    Reversible skirts are a fab idea - endless fashion possibilities, hehe :)


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