Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Onwards and Upwards

A day makes such a difference in one's mood!  I went to my lovely little bookclub last night after feeling shirty all day and a few glasses of red, a block of Cadbury Rocky Road and waaaaay too much talking put me right back on track.

My mood continued to be lifted today when I recieved this lovely little parcel in the mail from Plushka's Craft that I won.

Then I found The Liberty Book of Home Sewing at the shops for $18!

And I managed to squeeze in some sewing!
This cute sneaker flannelette is from Spotlight and I have whipped up some pj pants for a little guys birthday this weekend.  I'm popping some plain spencer style tops with them and will probably put a little sneaker panel on the top too.
(not a great photo!!!)
I also found some cute bedlinen at Target the other day in just the right colours for his bedroom which I snapped up, so I'm totally gifting with a 'theme'! Atlhough I am reminded of this scene in Toy Story where some poor child arrives with bedsheets and the toys are horrified... "Who invited that kid?!"

Happy Wednesday!


  1. So glad that you are feeling better. Being around friends and having a good chat is a fabulous pick me up isn't it! xx

  2. I love those PJ pants, they're super cool, you clever Mama you!
    Your bookclub sounds fantastic! No wonder you're feeling chipper today.
    Glad you've had a few things to buck the spirits lady xo

  3. Chocolate, wine & friends - perfect combo. I saw that gorgeous flannel at spotlight too a d thought pj's straight away! So I sent mum along to grab some - thought them more likely to actually get done that way!

  4. Oh lucky you winning the giveaway!
    Is the book any good? I have been eyeing it up for a while now. Where did you get it for $18?


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