Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Snippets

I'm a Sunday Snippet Virgin (!), joining in for the first time today.

My week looked like this....

Got paranoid about my yellow jaw after having all my wisdom teeth out.
Went to the boys school Open Night where Oscar though he might like to learn the drums.  Um, no.
Stood in line at Medicare for 20 minutes.  Realised I did not need to be there and should have gone to my private health fund instead.
Had Poppy Jim over from Tassie for a quick visit.  He brings chocolate hence Matilda's lovely smiley face.
Picked up the boys from school in this weather.
Came home to find a certain young lady asleep in the beanbag.
Went to the Hairy and should have realised that when he started shaving my neck it meant that it was a little shorter than I wanted!
Made a super cute 'Bunting' skirt!
Started the Mario crochet blanket.

(all photos are quite lazily from Instagram)


  1. Hope you're healing up well from the teeth.

    I've done that before with Medicare/health fund! There were about 30 people before me too. Bah!

    Look forward to seeing how the Mario rug turns out!!

  2. That is a very cute skirt and booooo to wisdom teeth. They have never struck me as very wise, the way they require constant pulling!! x

  3. Oh come on! Why not drums?? hehe!
    What a busy few days you have had. Would love to see a pic of the haircut, ploise!
    Matilda is SO cute, she looks a lot like you I think xo

  4. What a busy week you have had.....horrid wisdom teeth hope you are feeling better. x

  5. You have been a busy girl this week! I also hope you are feeling better after having those nasty wisdom teeth out.

  6. Full days. :) Lovely skirt and awesome idea to do some Mario crocheting. Hope your jaw is fine by now.

  7. WOW what a week, hope this one's just as great, minus jaw pain that is ;)


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