Sunday, May 27, 2012

My weekend Creative Space!

I had a little skirt making session this afternoon and just couldn't wait till Thursday to share it for Creative Spaces!
Even better, it's a skirt I pinned onto Pinterest and then actually followed through with making!
It's called the Banner Day Skirt and I think it's probably meant for summer but I have made mine with some denim I had and some left over charm squares from my attempt at quilt making!  It's supposed to look like bunting on the bottom of the skirt which I think will be just perfect to brighten up dreary winter days.





Whilst it took me most of the afternoon to complete, I am really pleased with how it looks and will definately make another one!  Since I gave Matilda's wardrobe a wee cleanout, I am fairly certain I can fit a few more coathangers in there now!


  1. That is gorgeous! Very neat too, I could only imagine the frustration I would create trying to get that bunting just right :) well done :)

  2. It's gorgeous - I love it! So fresh and happy and fun. Great job :) Kx

  3. That is totally gorgeous lady! So wish I had the talent to whip up skirts like you do xo


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