Tuesday, May 15, 2012

!!!Whinge Warning!!!

My face aches.... wisdom teeth.
They are coming out on Friday.  All four of them.  I am being knocked out for this.

I have been so focused on the pain I have not really been blogging, creating, commenting or reading.
I have been living on a cocktail of nurofen, panadine forte and antibiotics for about a month.  When I went and saw the surgeon yesterday he was asking about my kids and I thought he was asking with regard to what surgeries and what-not I'd had  and how I might have reacted to a general anasthetic in the past so I madly started detailing all my personal fanny details.  Turns out he was only asking so he could schedule a surgery time that would fit in with my mad life.  Whoops.

I had to work on Mother's Day and the three days prior to that which was crappy and busy.
Ladies, when the door is halfway down in a store it generally means that we are closing in about 3 seconds. 
It does not mean come on in and try on every article of clothing you can lay your hands on then leave them all on the floor for me to pick up and rehang for you and then after all that only buy a scarf.... that was on sale... with a further 50% off.
Gentlemen, you have known for 12 months that Mother's Day is coming.  Waiting till 4pm on Saturday to buy a dressing gown, pjs and slippers is probably not a good idea since all the sizes you will want will have previously sold.

I have been trying to finish my pretty crochet cushion.  On the last row of the cushion back I ran out of wool.  When I went to get some more today I tried to put my blinkers on and go straight to the wool section.  Instead I was forced to meander through the fabric too.  Instead of spending $5 on a ball of yarn, I spent $117.

Whinge done.


  1. Oh poo bum! I think you deserve a big whinge time! Sounds horrid regarding the wisdom teeth although i have to laugh that you wrote "fanny details!" I worked on Mother's day too and somehow (unworn related) hurt my back and have been on the nurofens too - off to the Osteo today and she says "gee I've not seen so much muscle trauma" - Nice! Hope all gets better and that your lovely purchases from the craft store is enough to make you smile! xx

  2. Good luck on Friday.
    I had all my wisdom teeth taken out way back when... just be mentally prepared for the first time you look in the mirror after the surgery. There will be a look of puffy bruising ... so it might be best just to avoid mirrors all together for a couple of days.


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