Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Creative Space...

...with real pictures from a real camera (and not just one's from my instagram feed)!!!

The inspiration...
(from Mollie Makes)
And the real thing...

The pretty front...
And the plain back.
I crocheted my cushion inside it's cover since I think it will be used less as a cushion cushion and more of a pretty to look at cushion!  Just treble the front and back together and squeeze the cushion once you reach the fourth side!

I am in love with these little squares!
I shall go and wrap it now since it's being gifted to super lovely friend of mine.  Hope she likes it!
More creative people are over at Village Voices on Kidspot now.


  1. Really pretty! :) Love your colour scheme too :D

  2. OMG! firstly, you are super duper talented to make a stunning crochet cushion that is so delicious I want to eat it....and are gifting it! wow! I bet the recipient will LOVE looking at it! Enjoy gazing at it before wrapping her up!

  3. Oh my goodness lady! It is perfect! An absolute masterpiece. I've said it before, you're so talented... and a bloody great friend too. I know your friend will LOVE it xo

  4. oh it is just 'darling'....beautiful work :)

  5. Fantastic cushion - sure your friend will love and treasure it.

  6. Love it! So gorgeous and fresh looking :) Kx


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