Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cripes! That's a lot of Stripes!

So I have this rocking chair in my bedroom...

...which you normally cannot see since it is piled so high with clothing that I am too lazy to put away!  Generally, it is all clean and folded and comes here straight from the washing pile. I find that because it ends up consisting of all the things I am currently wearing, it's easier to delve into the 'chair' rather than my actual wardrobe.

Please comfort me and tell me you have a similar spot??!!

As I was sorting and cleaning this morning and (hiding from my children!!!!) endeavouring to put things back where they should go, I discovered a disturbing habit...

...clearly I like stripes... blue ones mostly!  And in fact, this is not all of them!  I may have one or two other stripey things in my wardrobe and a stripey maxi dress I wore yesterday that's in the washing basket.  I dont know how I managed to buy the red one in there, praps in didn't come in blue!  And dont you love that I also go blue and stripey in my boring knickers too!

Tell me, do you have a theme in your wardrobe????

And yes, I am wearing stripes today.


  1. Haha .. yes defo, the clothing in our house, mainly between my son and i, are made up of stripes, polka dots, and come in red, white, and blue tones !!! i just can't help it, i am always drawn to them ...lovely lovely lovely ...
    Have a great day :)
    Mantha xx

  2. Um, have you seen my dining table lately? Me either! It is always covered in folded laundry! Talk about the most boring job ever putting washing away. I have a bazillion better things to do with my day!

    And yes, I do the stripe thing too!

    Rach x


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