Friday, January 13, 2012

In your bag.

I tend to carry far more than I ever need.  But the day I take things out and try to downsize, that will totally be the day I need them!

And since I just found a hole in the lining of my bag as I was taking everything out, I guess a new bag might be in order!


  1. Your bag is so clutter-free. Amazing! x

  2. You're so organised, everything has a case! Wow!
    If I was to empty out the contents of my bag onto the bench, you'd see my purse, lip gloss, phone, and a whole lot of rubbish and some coins with melted chocolate on them (which I just happened to jam a parking meter with the other day. Free parking - score!)
    Well done on keeping such a nice organised bag!
    Rach x

    1. Hey girls, I most definately had a wee clean-up before taking this shot!!!

  3. Yep, all looks pretty standard to me! And yours looks very neat and ordered. My bag is a disgrace right now, there is sand in EVERYTHING :o/ xo


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