Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Something I made.

A crochet cushion top.  Now I just have to make the other side!  I have used all my lonely bits of left over yarn from other projects on this so there is quite the mixture of different yarns in there but it appears to have worked out alright.  Think I might just do one big granny square for the back though.  I planning on gifting this to someone for the birthday - dorky or no?  I never really have faith in my crafty projects so always wonder whether the reciever might open it and say thankyou but then laugh hysterically after I leave and hide it in the cupboard for all eternity! 

For any interested crochet-ers, this is the pattern from the second edition of Mollie Makes magazine.


  1. my birthday? But that's not till June!

    Seriously though, it's gorgeous. Do it!

  2. Oh no way! This is gorgeous and anyone would be lucky to receive it as a gift. You always underestimate your lovely work, you are really talented my friend :o) xo

  3. Lovely, anyone who received this as a birthday gift would be amazed, its beatifull, have more faith in your projects.
    Have a great day :)
    Mantha xx

  4. I think it has worked out better than all right. Marvellous more likely.


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