Friday, January 20, 2012

52 weeks of Grateful: Week 3

This week I am grateful my husband has come home a little earlier each night. 
I am grateful he sensed my school holiday patience was wearing thin. 
 I am grateful that after seeing Alvin and the Chipmunks - Chipwrecked, I was able to spread the word to my closest girlfriends about how appallingly bad that movie is, saving them from the hour and half of ear splitting pain I was forced to sit through. 
I am grateful that emergency medical clinics exist, apparently for my small girls benefit only, since we have needed them two weeks in row now - head injuries, slap cheek, legos in nostrils!
I am grateful that wine exists, that trackpants exist, that early bedtimes exist!

I am grateful that even though I sound a little whiny this week, I know you will forgive me cause I can't be the only one ready for school to return!

What are you feeling grateful for this week?
Join in with Maxabella loves... and Kidspot.

And since I can't leave you without a pretty picture...

...just some squares to improve my mood this Friday evening.


  1. Haha, I am grateful for you! Because you make me laugh so often :o)
    Alvin & the Chipmunks, haha, I'm still laughing about that ;o)
    And way to go hubby, sometimes an early arrival home is all it takes to bring the sanity levels back to normal xo

  2. Love love love those squares. Beautiful.

    ... and yes... I too am ready for the routine of school term to be back.

  3. Oh aren't trackies the best!! imagine the era where housewives still had to don the whole full skirt and heel complete with the hair and lippy! Enjoy a glass of wine tonight - happy gratefuls xx

  4. I'm still not over the lego in the nostril incident (on your behalf, of course). I'm so glad she's all okay!

    Just quietly... I really, really enjoyed Chipwrecked. I mean, I couldn't understand a word they were squeaking, but it was just really good fun. Sad, but true. What is wrong with me!?! x


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