Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You, again.

Me, again. 
With my unmade bed in the background on one side and my daughter sitting on the loo on the other.  (On a side note, we are having so much trouble getting her into knickers.  She is in a panic most of the day about wetting herself and will sit on the loo or the potty for hours at a time if we let her!  What to do, what to do????)

This is it by the way.  The last of Fatmumslim's January Photo a Day Challenge.

I had fun doing it but I am not sure I could sustain it much longer.  I think I need bettter photography skills!


  1. well besides all thats going on for you... i do like this photo of you...the light is just beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous, lovely to see another pic of you. Poor little one, the toilet training thing can be stressful. I've thoroughly enjoyed your pic a day challenge :o) xo


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