Monday, January 23, 2012

Something old.

This is my husband's nanna's butter stamp - you know, from the days of yore when one would churn your own butter and stamp it! 
When Delma passed away some things which were headed for the trash (gasp!) ended up in my posession, like this sweet stamp and some doilies.


  1. That's so ace! My Nan is clearing out her house at the moment and I am the only one interested in her old things. Yesterday I came home with a big bag full of great things to sort out.
    I love this stamp, it makes you think about how different life used to be. You should link this post up to my 'Tuesday's Treasures' tomorrow!

    Rach x

  2. Are you serious?? They used to stamp the butter? WOW, what a great historical piece to behold. Just lovely :o) xo


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