Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well and truly over the rainbow!

Once upon a time, I pinned this image...

Source: ohdeedoh.com via Sonia on Pinterest
I was planning Matilda's rainbow party and of course anything that looked remotely rainbowish had me at hello!  Of course, I never actually did it as I had so much else going on at that party, the fruit got left by the wayside. 
Since then, everytime someone repins it from my pinterest page I get an email notification.  All fine and dandy really as they normally only come through occasionally.  I am not very pinteresting.  Until the other day when I opened up my email and had hundreds of notifications racing into my inbox.  So far it has been liked 456 times and repinned 2648!!!!!  Seriously, is it really that exciting!?
Needless to say I have changed my pinterest email notifications!


  1. good move!!! After my first day on Pinterest and a full inbox i changed my notifcations quick smart!!! Hmmm still can't explain all the re-pinnning going on xx

  2. Absolutely it is. It's beautiful! Something about fresh colourful fruit and rainbows... doesn't get any better :o) Bummer about all the notifications though! xo

  3. Yes. I think it is exciting. I was taught as a kid that everyday you should eat a rainbow... so as soon as I saw it I thought "mmmm... must pin that!"


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