Sunday, January 8, 2012

Your sky.

Melbourne sky, you don't know what you are doing with yourself today.  Rain, sunshine, wind... make up your mind!


  1. I am enjoying your captures as part of the #30daychallenge. I missed you at Gratefuls, though. Just thought I'd tell you that. Happy new year!!! x

  2. That is a beautiful sky :)
    enjoy your day
    Mantha xx

  3. Beautiful sky! I know what your mean about the melbourne weather today! I took my MIL to some markets this morning, I was sure it wouldn't do anything more than drizzle, and it bucketed down! Totally caught us unprepared!
    xx Sannah

  4. Lovely pic LL, always love the look of a sunny/cloudy/confused sky :o) xo

  5. After two years of living here you would think I would be used to the crazy weather. I'm not, and today I am as confused as the weather.


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