Saturday, February 4, 2012

Crochet Hearts... or something else?!

Last year I made these cute wee hearts around Valentines day and then gave them away.  I thought I'd do the same thing again so tonight, I set myself up on the couch tonight with my little suitcase of yarny odds and ends and Crazy Stupid Love on Foxtel (ahh, Ryan, how I love thee!).

Cute, yes?

Except when you put a bunch of them together like this.....

... and suddenly all I could see where hearts with vajayjays at their centre!!!!

Now who on earth is going to want them???!!!


  1. Ha HA HA! Have you seen the vajayjay cupcakes doing the facebook rounds at the minute - both made me giggle like an 11 year old :o)

  2. They're so sweet. Who wouldn't want them?

  3. ahhh, you made me giggle....didn't see it with the first but then yes, with the cute little pile there they all were!

    Love a cutsey crochet heart! Very clever. xx

  4. Hehehe, you've done it again, SO funny! I promise you, I wouldn't have seen that, had you not mentioned it. They're gorgeous though, such beautiful colours. Clever clever lady :o) xo


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