Wednesday, February 22, 2012


(I bought this wrap around skirt from Made590 last week in their sale)

My husband asked me why I was leaving the house in what appeared to be a curtain.  I didn't care.  I was totes getting my 'doily' on today!  And in red!

In fact, whilst having my Wednesday date with the middle boy, we may have popped into Target for yet more Lego minifigures (!!!!) and popped back out again with some red skinny leg jeans. 

Styling You tells me I can totally get away with them!  So does LMNOP, but then their advice is praps aimed at small people under 10!

Who do you take your fashion advice from?


  1. I have red jeans my lady friend and they ROCK! I think you can work the skinny jeans AND the doily look anytime xo

  2. I adore your skirt! I am so envious!! Glad to hear you bought red skinnies - I was looking at some last week wondering if I could get away with wearing them. You've inspired me - I'm off to the shops!! Have a fab week hon.

  3. Loving the doily and the jeans
    Who knows where I get my fashion advice from?!?


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