Thursday, February 16, 2012

My creative space...

I'm afraid I have not been very creative at all this week.  I dont think writing out class contact lists for my role as the class parent or formatting the kinder newsletter really count!

I am onto the fourth band of my granny corner blanket which I managed to do whilst 'watching' my small girl in the pool the other day though!

I am liking it a bit more now since I have added the blue.  The lavender purple was scaring me a little bit initially but it has toned down and will probably be even better once the next band of colour is finished!

I've also managed to cut out some babushka ladies ready for some skirts too!  The two that went toward the King Auction ended up getting to $50 which I thought was fantastic!

More creative peeps are hanging around 'our creative spaces'.


  1. It's looking good... gotta love crochet.

  2. Like that!! Well done on the auction, that's wonderful.. X


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