Monday, February 6, 2012


Small girls in tulle.  My, oh my.
Jazz hands praps?
Doing the Pony.
And the Butterfly.
Could these sweet girls be any happier?

And of course, after such dancing success we had to go straight to the dance shop and get these little outifts.... can't be a ballerina without a tutu... and apparently some arm crossing...
...and some practice dancing just to make sure the outfits work.

So now I have photobombed with you with the little person I love, I feel the need to share it around.
Would you like my little crochet heart bunting?

Follow my blog and leave me a comment by Thursday 9th February telling me who you love 
(so I can post it to you on Friday and you might just get it for Valentines, Aus residents only).


  1. Awww just look at your little prima ballerina! She is SO beautiful! Just today I walked passed a big Bloch dance shop in the city. The morning sun was beaming in on the front window and they had the most stunning tutu's positioned in the front window, all sparkly and divine. It was at that point I realised my boys don't really have the legs for ballet ;o)
    And as for who I love, that's easy, every male under my roof :o) xo

  2. Well I very much love my children... my little Ms. 3 will be starting ballet next thursday. I hope she is as chuffed as yours.

    Also I linked to you today... I finally got around to making a lego man t-shirt. Thank you so much for the inspiration and know how.

  3. Awwwww that is just too adorable!

  4. How cute are those tutus! I can't wait till my little princess is old enough to wear one!
    Lovely blog too :) xx

  5. gorgeous bunting and yes please. will pop over for the auction too, after work today.

  6. Oh great minds (I'm having a little giveaway today too!) Well, now who do i love? such an easy question....i love my little family. My husband and my two gorgeous creations that we made together! Your photos of your little girl dancing away in their new outfits are just adorable. what precious memories you are creating for her. And that bunting!!! Oh i know I've won a give away from you before - would i be selfish hoping i win again!!! xx

  7. She can be really cute when she wants to be! :)

    Ok so I'm going to say that there are two people I really love. My cousin, Taylor because even though she's one of the cool kids, she's not fake and doesn't have to try to make people like her. She always has time to talk and spend time with me and she always listens to everything I sook about. Being the loud, silly person she is, (taking after her mother and grandmother) she is highly entertaining to be around and especially to watch comedy movies with. Taylor is one of the most consistent people I know.
    The other person I love (this could be considered sucking up but it's not, honestly!) is my aunt who lives a whole one hour plane fight away and then some. It's because of this that I hardly ever see her but when we do catch up, it's awesome. She inspires me to be creative and to actually use the sewing/crocheting (which she taught me how to do) things I have. I love the way she's just like a teenager still, especially when she understands what I'm trying to say (being the mis-understood teen that I am) :) xxx

  8. Aww aren't little ballerinas the cutest? Your Valentine bunting is adorable too!


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