Friday, February 3, 2012

52 weeks of Grateful: Week 5

Do you know, I forgot to be grateful last week?!  Trust me when I say I was, I am sure grateful for many things!!!!
This week is supposed to be all about smiles in grateful land, and can I tell you I have seen a few!  Lots from mummy with the return of school, swimming, kinder next week and lots of routine!  Oh, how I love me some routine!

The biggest smile has to come from my middle boy, Isaac, who started Prep today.  Yesterday he told me that his head and his legs were ready for school but he wasn't so sure about his tummy. 
Cute much! 
I'm guessing he had a huge case of butterflies!

Prepare to photobombed with my cute boy and his gorgeous cheeky grin!

Getting a sticker straight away for being a most excellent bag unpacker!
Finding his seat and table.
What's a boy to do but head straight for the dinosaurs!

Have you seen lots of smiles in your week?


  1. He really has the cutest smile, Sonia! He's done so well this week. x

  2. unpacking is an oft underrated skill - you will be grateful for this in years to come!

  3. Oh my, he is way too cute. In fact all your kidlets are just beautiful. Lovely photos and so glad to see the first day went well :o) How cool are all those dinosaurs?! I don't think I've ever seen so many in one spot xo

  4. Oh what a darling. I often wonder about the middle child's ride through life, as they are never the first nor the last, but the middle. As i have middle twins, they have always had each other & share so much between them, including any anxiety & tummys-which-might-not-be-ready-for-the-next-step. Let's hope Isaac is the best bag unpacker at home & you find all notes & zero squashed bananas, love Posie


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