Monday, February 13, 2012

A new Pin project.

I definately waste a lot of time on Pinterest.  I tend to pin my own things, go through and sort out my boards and next thing you know an hour has passed and all I have been doing is clicking and repinning and gasping with inspiration!

Along with Sarah London, I am going to attempt to actually use some of that inspiration!
I pinned this recently from the Lion Brand website...
Source: via Sonia on Pinterest
It comes with a nice easy tutorial to follow as well.  I like that it looked nice and simple and meant that I could mindlessly watch all my tv shows returning this week and merrily crochet away.

I am not 100% sure of my colour choices but we'll see how it all comes together. 

This is soooo totally what happens to me....


  1. THAT is absolutely beautiful. What a great new project, I think your colours are quite lovely... look a little like icecream to me... or maybe it's just because I'm always thinking about food ;o)
    Haha, pinterest sounds like blogging for me... always gets me in! xo

  2. I just started pinterest yesterday, you're right HUGE time waster but SO fun & very addictive! Love the. Love the blanket, enjoy!


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