Friday, February 17, 2012

My creative space... Part two!

Gosh I love making these little skirts for presents!  Quick, easy, not too expensive... and completely sticking with my attempt at handmade gifts this year!

I like to team them with a plain t-shirt picked up at Target or Big W which I can then leave plain or pretty it up!  In this case with a babushka dolly that I have ironed and sewn on!  What a surprise!

For this skirt I followed this tutorial to add the apple panel onto the bottom.  I then finished it off like I do with the Pretty Panel Doll skirts - sew the side seams together, iron them out, create a hem, create a waistband.

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  1. I still haven't dusted off my machine to give one of these a go, but I'm determined to do it soon! Every time I see one of yours I get more and more motivated. But somehow that pesky crochet hook stands in my way!!! Have a fab week hon.

  2. I love it!! Is the babushka from some fabric that u cut out or an iron on? Love the apples!

  3. oh this is an awesome gift
    my girls would love to receive this

  4. What a stunning outfit, you're awesome at creating beautiful things. This one is perfect! xo


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