Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Facebook King Auction

Tomorrow night Naomi of Seven Cherubs is hosting a King Auction on her facebook page

You may have already heard about the King family and the loss of their son Noah in October last year.  More recently, Lisa's husband Aaron died quite suddenly of a heart attack.  An overwhelming amount of people have already generously donated money to support Lisa and her three sons in the coming months and this auction seeks to add to this.

I am offering two Pretty Panel Doll Skirts for this auction ...

...and I'd love it if you could all pop on over and put a bid in on one of the lovely items that have been offered.  All proceeds will go directly to Lisa's family.

(Pop over here if you would like to win my teeny rainbow crochet heart bunting.  I'll be drawing it tomorrow night after I get home from work an so far only 3 people have entered!!!)


  1. You're a beautiful soul hun... and they are also beautiful contributions to a very worthy cause xo

  2. What a lovely contribution..
    My heart breaks for that family


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