Thursday, February 2, 2012

My creative space...

I made a cushion!  Almost.  I haven't closed it up yet as I am not sure what to do - whether to crochet the cushion into the cover, or add buttons so things can be cleaned if need be.  Thoughts, suggestions, linky loos to cushion closing????

This is a birthday present for a friend of mine and is totally made up of all my odds and ends so is quite the mixture of yarns.  I originally thought it might make a nice floor cushion for sitting on, but even though it is big I think it's probably not big enough for grownups.  Plus, I think it's too pretty for bums!

The back... or the front I guess, depending on what you like.

The intended front....

The pattern for this square is out of Mollie Makes.  

My yet to be closed end...

Soooo pretty!

My creative space has started up again this year (in fact it appears I have missed two weeks).  Play along every Thursday and link up you posts over this way.


  1. Love your cushion! I too have been crocheting cushion covers this summer because blankets are too hot. For my two cents I suggest buttons to close.

  2. I love your cushion but have no clue how to close it up! Nor do I know how to join up granny squares which is why I think I need to stick to ripples :)

  3. I like the idea of having the crochet on both sides - it works so well! I usually put a fabric backing on my crochet cushions to make them more affordable (wool is so expensive!) and that's a nightmare sewing together because the wool panel stretches. I love the way yours holds together so beautifully. It really is fabulous :) Kx

  4. Its fabulous - clever you!
    I was going to learn to do grannies last it will have to be this year!

  5. great cushions, i love crochet, i'm thinking of making some too. i'd love to hear about how you finish them in the end, buttons or not. they are very cheerful.

  6. You, are so clever. What a beautiful cushion, both sides are so lovely and no, definitely not bottom material. I think your friend will be over the moon with it and no doubt put it on display somewhere very special :o) xo
    Not sure why I'm putting my two cents in on this, but I think buttons would be a gorgeous addition to the open side.

  7. You have children... you need buttons so that it can be washed!

    Looks marvellous by the way. Really truly rocking the crochet. Ace.


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