Sunday, February 19, 2012

52 weeks of Grateful: Week 7

This week I'm grateful for Sunday drives.

 Beautiful car scenery.

Beechworth Bakery Pitstop.

Some by the river contemplation.

Cheeky Isaac action

Finding love hearts in leaves.

Skate park dudes.

Some inventive scarf wearing for when it started to rain.

Dessert bought home in the car - a beesting or a french vanilla slice??? 
(For the record, I did share and had half of each!)


  1. I am especially loving that heart leaf! that little cutie is a mini you Miss Lioness!
    Sunday drives with the family are THE best ♥

  2. Beesting for me thanks! Sounds like the perfect weekend and so much to be grateful for. P.S. beautiful scarf.

  3. Nice scarf, Son! Happy driving. x


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