Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Kitchen Story

So, we decided we'd do a wee kitchen reno and replace our daggy kitchen cupboards with nice crisp white ones, bang down some new kitchen benches and have a nice fresh updated look.
Silly silly girl.

Because the kitchen is quite small for such a big house and we really struggle for storage we thought we might try and create some extra bench space and added in those extra cabinets you see there in white.

Which of course then resulted in needing to consider what do with the floor as we had to pull up some tiles to put that new cabinet in.  Which then meant really that the rest of the tiles have to go too!

Lucky Darren is good with tools!

In reality we are also now replacing all the acutal cabinets because the current ones are standard sizes so of course no doors fit them properly!

Oh, and we are attempting to live and cook 'around' the mess!
Anyone want to bring me some takeway?!


  1. I'd love to do our kitchen & replace all the timber with crisp white, it'll be worth it when it's done, your plan sound beautiful! I think I'd actually enjoy cooking if I had a nice fresh light kitchen..x

  2. oh i saw this progress on IG today...you're so lucky your hubby is handy with tools! Perhaps loads of bbq cooking whilst reno is in progress or pleads to the neighbours for freezer meals that can be zapped in the microwave! in the end, just think of the lovely results!!

  3. You are so so so brave doing a kitchen reno on your own. After our complete kitchen overhaul last year, I have to say I am not keen to do any more renovating for a long while. Very hard to live around when the kitchen is out of action. Hope you're all sorted sooner than later and that you love your fresh new look xo

  4. Slow cooker meals? I'm envious of your handy man husband. Here's hoping it'll all be done in no time! I'm sure it'll be totally worth it in the end!


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