Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I crocheted 2013 in!  I drank a cup of tea! Then I went to bed at 12.13am.
Then this morning since I was feeling so peppy from my non-hangover I went running with the dog.  I've been doing about 5km most mornings since October and I would like to build that up to an occasional 10km's but I'm really not sure how my knees and cankles would cope with that.  For fear of losing my jogging mojo I even entered Run for the Kids this March, only 5.5km course because the 14.5km course just looked to scary - too many hills, running through the tunnel and over the Bolte Bridge, plus 14.km... I don't think so!
How was your New Years?  Here's hoping it was a happy one.


  1. What a lovely refreshing way to begin the new year!

  2. I did a spot of crochet too. But alas was in bed before midnight. Don't be afraid of the 14kms. I signed up for it two years ago before I'd even learn't to run. My attitude was 'I know I can walk it' Anything above that is a blessing. I managed to do it in 1.45hrs. I've lost my running mojo but am thinking I don't want to miss out on the run for kids, now that I've done it the last two years. So it's about time I got my runners on. Good luck.

  3. Oh you are some 2013 inspiration right there lady! Awesome work going for a run. I feel terribly sluggish lately, too much food, too many drinkies and NO exercise :/ I can only improve from here though, right!? Happy New Year lovely xo

  4. Happy new year, Son the Runner. Go you! x


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