Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My creative space....

My lovely sisters's lovely friend is having a baby (due on Valentines Day) and has decorated her nursery in greys and yellows.  Thinking how lovely some bunting and a matching cushion might be in the same colours she popped a sewing request into me and I came up with this....

I must say that I am loving my crafty self over it!  I had seen a lovely cushion on pinterest of course with mini bunting spread across it and it looked terribly fancy and clever so I came up with this version.  It is just a simple envelope style cushion cover since I am yet to attempt that whole zip situation.
I made the mini bunting on the front of the cushion as you would normal size bunting.  I pinned the flags into the stripey binding and then pinned that straight onto the pillow so I only had one stitch line tthrough the whole thing.  The bunting flags hang loose.  The cushion cover is just calico.

A perfect match I think!
Here are some lovely links if you'd like to try your own:


  1. Gorgeous Sonia, loving the colours to bits!

  2. That is lovely, such a perfect gift

  3. grey and yellow is just the best colour combo ever in my book and add that to bunting and you have Winner written all over it! Love it!! sensational Sonn!

  4. Oh my, that is absolutely beautiful, lady friend. You are way too clever. Your sister's friend will be over the moon with that little addition to the nursery xo

  5. So cute! I love the cushion. I recently conquered my fear of zips in cushion covers, it wasn't that bad - really!


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