Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mollie Makes... addictive magazines!

Have you seen the sweet online magazine, Gathered by Mollie Makes?
A new edition pops up every Friday on my ipad with some lovely sweet crafty ideas and links.  How to make a granny square is from this weeks one.

(just a screen shot from my ipad)
I am addicted to the Mollie Makes magazine just for it's prettiness factor really.  Although it's now more widely available in newsagents and even supermarkets these days, when it was first released I was having a copy or two specially ordered in!
I have heard that the same company is about to release a new magazine called Simply Crochet!  Click on the link for a sneak preview or what it will look like!  I'm hoping it will be filled with some 'funkier' crochet goodness than I have seen in some of the crochet magazines around.  I do love some nanna craft but I am often left wondering what on earth people are thinking!!!

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  1. you are the crochet queen lovely lady...perhaps you should write for this new upcoming crochet magazine!

    ps - those crochet beards, bikinis and kaftans are just all sorts of wrong!


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