Thursday, January 17, 2013

My creative space...

I had big plans this week to get the Mario blanket finally finished, but then my husband pulled our entire kitchen out and that kinda got in the way of me sitting on the couch and crocheting all day!

This is actually the last square so I really could do the big reveal but I want to crochet an edge on first and see how many of those ends I can get sewn in.  Come back next week maybe?!

I have double crocheted right around the edge in that sky blue colour and am now going to treble around that a few times till it looks about right.

Sewing those ends are going to do my head in!!!
And in my husband's creative space...
the old kitchen cabinets came out and the new ones are going in!  Tis a bit exciting!

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  1. Yes that would be a heck of a lot of sewing the ends in! So wonderful that you are nearly done! Hooray!!! :)

  2. that's the last square? wow I hope you jumped up and did a little jig!!! And wow-ee the kitchen is looking amazing. Oh to have a handy husband xx

  3. Wowee, I cannot wait for the big reveal, I'm sure it's utterly amazing, you must be thrilled!

  4. Oh the blanket is looking superb, love the little teaser shots of it, can't wait to see it all finished. Great news re. the kitchen, looks to be all coming along nicely. You are busy bees! xo

  5. That blanket is a mammoth effort, so impressed! What a good feeling to make that final square, I look forward to seeing the whole thing, exciting! x

  6. That blanket is going to look awesome! Those old kitchen cupboards look an awful lot like ours!

  7. It just looks amazing!! Did you see the mushroom one I made? Love yours - off to pin it!


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