Sunday, January 6, 2013

Twelve years

There's 12 years difference between these two images! 
More crinkles around the eyes, a smattering of grey here and there, less of the come hither look in my eye!

We had the pleasure of escaping out to dinner and movie last night after conning my brother and his wife into a sleepover with the kids.  It's been two years since I last went out alone and at night with my husband which is pretty darn disgraceful really!

Since the last thing my brother said to me when he left this morning was how on earth do I cope with the noise and the 'stuff' around the house, I'm guessing it's going to another two years before they offer to babysit again!!!

Oh, I may have forced him into one of those photobooths where you can now not only print your pics but also get a wee video link to your photobooth antics.  I may have been drinking.


  1. Oh Sonn! You made me giggle so loud!! that is just the cutest darn video clip!!! I can't believe how far the old photo booth has come! As for the anniversary - happy 12 years. Hubby and I will celebrate 12 years too in a few weeks...I must remember to book in a babysitter pronto.

    ps- can i just say, I see Reece Witherspoon in you...and really she is just a total babe! As are you.

  2. That is brilliant! !! Hilarious. Don't let it be 2 years again.... and you totally look like Reece Witherspoon!

  3. That's great I love it! Happy Anniversary to you both x

  4. You are so, so, so gorgeous in both shots! And yes, disgraceful! I hope you won't let that happen again! x

  5. Oh that is so so cute lady, I love that little video, awesome... made me smile :)
    Happy Anniversary, so glad you got to go out and enjoy, you MUST make it a more regular thing now, you lovebirds.
    Your wedding shot is stunning too by the way, beautiful couple xo


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