Thursday, January 24, 2013

My creative space... ta da!!!!

My (Isaac's!!!) Crochet Mario Blanket is done!!!!!
3 months late and finished in the heat of a Melbourne summer.  Perfect timing really.

252 five round granny squares joined as I went along.
Ends sewn in over the last few days.
One round of double crochet in each stitch then one row of treble stitches around the edge in pale blue!

8ply 100% pure wool from the classics collection at Bendigo Woollen Mills.

Inspiration drawn from here.
Pattern drawn from here.
And here's where I first started it.

I first started doing this in May 2011 and had planned on giving it to Isaac for his sixth birthday in October, for which we had a Mario themed party.  Life in general kinda got in the way a wee bit, I kept running out of wool and having to order more and I basically got sick of the sight of it!  It appeared to be this never ending project that I wanted to ball up and throw in the back of the cupboard never to be seen again!

I'm glad I perservered in the end because he really does look wonderful!  He is frightfully huge and ridiculously heavy but clearly Isaac can grow into him!

Layed out on my king size bed, just so you can understand his size!

I asked him to pose nicely on the blanket... he farted and then couldn't stop giggling so I guess you could say the blanket has been 'boy' christened!

Lucky he still likes Mario or I would have been in a whole world of trouble!

These are all the ends snipped off after I sewed them all in.  That's at least 2 ends per square - 252 squares x 2 = 504 ends, plus one or two extras for the edge and the occasional run out of wool mid square!  I actually stayed up very late the other night sewing and sewing and sewing whilst watching Carrie on Foxtel.  Freaky movie!  Did you know John Travolta is in it?!
Now, I know there is a tradition in blog land of hurling finished crochet rugs into the sky and photographing them beautifully as they parachute to the ground but since this thing weighs a ton I give you this instead....

"Come hither... Mario and I are waiting for you!"


  1. Brilliant - the blanket and the photshoot!

  2. Wow, that blanket is awesome!!

  3. Looks like your son loves it - so much work!

  4. hahahah! oh i love that last shot Sonia! you seriously crack me up! I have actually loved watching your progress...watching on the sidelines, eager to see it take shape. It looks wonderful and I think you son's christening was just what any boy should do with such a gift.

  5. Magnificent! It's amazing, and massive, and clearly much loved by your little fella already! x

  6. That is an enormous blanket!!!! So awesome. And love the last photo. Very come hither!

  7. Wow!!! Well done what an awesome blanket.

  8. OH. WOW!!! That is magnificent, a triumph you beautiful lady. You are so bloody funny, I cacked myself laughing reading this post. The photos are just gorgeous and YOU are uber talented xo

  9. That is wonderful :) I made a quilt version for my nephew a few years ago and he loved it. Isn't it great when handmade items are appreciated?

  10. It is magnificent! You should be so chuffed with yourself for finishing it. He is one lucky boy!

  11. Wow!! So awesome, I love it! ♥

  12. Oh my goodness - what an amazing blanket!! Totally awesome!!


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