Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's tooth fairy time!

Yesterday we discovered one of Isaac's teeny tiny baby teeth had a case of the wobbles.  He didn't even realise it himself, I just noticed it was sitting on a funny angle.  Today it fell out!  He's soooo pumped for the whole tooth fairy fiasco but I feel a little sad about it myself.  Is there anything cuter than teeny baby teeth?
We have the challenge now of what the Tooth Fairy may bring since his brother remembers and reported a $20 note was delivered to him on his first lost tooth!  I remember getting a 50cent coin for mine and thinking all my Christmas's had come at once.  It used to burn a hole in my pocket so I was straight down the corner shop for a bag of mixed lollies with it.
(This poppet is going to hate those eyebrows when he gets older.  Have you ever seen bushier ones!?  He has such a sweet face though with gorgeous eyes, long lashes and lovely thick hair.  He would have made the prettiest girl!  Even a game he has on his Nintendo recognises him as a girl which he is most unimpressed with... you take a photo of yourself then shoot balls at your own face...! )


  1. It's certainly gone up these days! I remember getting a silver coin! I think Goose is very lucky with her gold coins but apparently "all" the kids at school get notes. Inflation! Hope your tooth fairy is not quite as ditzy as ours. She often forgets!

  2. Ahhhh the whole tooth losing thing, not looking forward to that one really. But your little man does have a sweet face, with or without the tooth, he's gorgeous! And $20?? Tell me you're not serious?? Damned inflation ;) xo


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