Friday, January 4, 2013

My creative space...

There is obviously a certain amount of stupidity involved when deciding to crochet with pure wool in Melbourne's current temperatures (37 yesterday, 41 today and the forecast is much the same for the next few days at least).

But I had suffered through a mornings worth of ten pin bowling (where the four year won!) and felt that these are my holidays too so surely I get to do something I want!

Then I happened to find the entire movie of Good Will Hunting on youtube (how is that legal??!!), so I had the perfect excuse to plop myself under the cooling vent and pleasantly while away two hours of the day.

What did I do with my tv time before crochet?!  It feels like I am being so productive when I watch now with a bit of craft in my hands.

Mario blanket status update...
Just waiting now for the last red ball of wool to arrive so I can finish his overalls!
That lonely blue square to the bottom left is as big as the blanket will be.  I have a lovely pale blue ready to go for a nice simple edge and am seriously consdering a working bee too assist with sewing in all those jolly ends!!!!


  1. Some beautiful work, well done! I feel a bit useless when I'm sitting in front of the tele not crocheting, it really is very productive time. Stay cool..x

  2. I definitely feel better when I have something in my hands, while watching TV, whether it be yarn, a sketch book or even cutting out a pattern. Your striped blanket is looking fantastic, and the Mario one - wow - what a huge project! Stay cool today (from a fellow Melbournian ;-)) x

  3. I would so come and help if I was down your way. I fidget terribly if I sit still for too long without something crafty purpose

  4. As long as the aircon's on. lol.
    Can I ask where you get your wool from. I've just embarked on this crochet journey and am loving it, but gosh it's expensive. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

  5. oh i totally considered crochet a winter sport (i mean craft) but you are truely dedicated!! Love the rainbow blanket as as for crafting and other way really! stay cool today lovely xx

  6. Love, love, love the rainbow blanket the joins are gorgeous.


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