Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A blatant bid for sympathy

I am sick.  I have no voice.  I am too sick to even look at the three blocks of Cadbury residing in my fridge.  I am on drugs but they haven't kicked in yet.  I am solo parenting till Friday whilst I feel like dying.  This morning I sobbed uncontrollably whilst making my children's lunches.  I should not have driven them to school, creche and kinder in my current state.  I cried on the kinder teacher's shoulder but could not tell her what was wrong because I have no voice.  On top of everything else, I am also having my period.

I will completely understand if you now wish to run screaming for the hills for fear of catching anything.  And I apologise profusely for mentioning my period.


  1. Oh, your poor little thing! Sending many virtual hugs, cups of hot tea, and a live in nanny/maid who would take offence if you got out of bed for anything except the toilet for the next 3 days *mwah*

  2. Oh my. You poor love. It all sounds hideous. Seriously hideous. Solo parenting is rough when everything else is running smoothly, but with your lot, it must be a nightmare. Sending you healthy vibes for a very speedy recovery xo

  3. Oh I really feel for you! It's a tough gig being the mum when you're sick especially when you have to do it solo! Cry all you need, I know it helps & then hopefully you'll have a good night's sleep, the drugs can do their work & you'll be just a little bit better tomorrow..take care x

  4. Oh Dear! Things really are terrible when the Cadbury stash in the fridge is safe. Especially at period time!!! Sympathies well deserved I'd say. Hope you feel better very quickly and if not stay in bed and feed the Cadburys to the wee ones!


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