Thursday, August 11, 2011

My creative space...

I made these lovely ladies this week from this fabulous pattern
Why?  Just because really.  Do you ever feel like that?
And now because I have made one, I feel an overwhelming urge to make several more.

I even managed to make those cute faces myself!

For some reason, mine have ended up looking a little smaller than the ones in the original pattern picture.  Maybe I didn't print it properly.  I think I also need to invest in some good quality felt.  This stuff is from Spotlight and it only costs about $1 per A4 size piece and I dont think it would last very long if a small person actually wanted to play with these ladies.  Also I have just used my sewing machine cotton on those faces.  Should I praps use the proper embroidery type stuff?

Did you notice they are leaning ever so nicely against my new book I won over at The Red Thread?

I've also had a MASSIVE blanket fuck up this week.  Apologies for the language but that is exactly how I feel after all the hard work I've already done.  I was merrily doing my 14th row when it appeared I was somehow a square short.  After searching high and low I did a quick count and realised that I had added an entire row on the wrong side of my blanket!!!!  So, instead of having 12 x 15 rows, I have a nice big square 13 x 13 and some left over - I'm thinking a matching cushion?!

See all those ends up there????  Multiply my 169 squares by 8. 


That's how many ends I have to sew in.  Plus a few extras for when I have run out of a white ball mid round.

Kill me now.  Because I am still not finished.

I have a row to go.  Then the edge.
Then I think I will be sick of the sight of it and want to give the jolly thing away...

Or maybe not.  I spread it out on the carpet every now and then just to get a look at all that circly granny goodness and my heart still zings!  I am hoping it will be ready for the big reveal next week!!!

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  1. Love your little dolls - their embroidered faces look great :) Commisserations on your up LOL - the blanket looks great anyhow :D

  2. Love your dolls! I have that pattern and am hoping to make on for Mahli for her Christmas and make a few up for my gift box. They are gorgeous. I love the faces you have stitched on them.

    Opps, I had to giggle at you F up. It sounds like something I would do. Can't wait for your big reveal... I have a feeling that you can't either!

  3. Ahhh so happy you love my pattern :) Hooray! I think their faces are adorable! So sorry to hear about your blanket ..... looks like you have lots of work left, but !!wow!! it looks fab!!

  4. Haha, you are funny! 'Kill me now' is starting to creep into my vocab too, it is something my boys say to me all the time! I know the feeling of having to weave in allllllll those ends, almost enough to put you off making the things in the first place! Your dolls are very cute, very well done with the faces:) Julie

  5. weaving in ends not on my fun list :-) The blanket is looking great though. All worth it in the end. Thanks for stopping to say Hi

  6. Deep breathing with the blanket - the end will be all worth it -a real heirloom piece. It's beautiful.

  7. Oh those dolls are gorgeous, clever lady! Bummer about the F up with the blanket, I can imagine there would be nothing more frustrating. Hope you're able to get back on track quickly xo
    P.S. Loving the new background, cute little balls of wool :o)

  8. I hate it when I make a mistake, but I would kill to be able to make that blanket (crafty tho I am crochet I do not), so take heart:) Cyndy

  9. Oh my - all those ends!! I have to sew them in as I go or I really would be suicidal. Sorry to hear about your snafu ... but it is nice to hear that these things happen to other people too!!

    And I love your dolls. Beautiful!

  10. Love the dolls (I just recently discovered that pattern too)! Major bummer about your blanket. We've all been there - hang in there. I'm sure the end result will be great.

  11. Ahh, granny squares make my heart zing too. And tucking in all those ends is a big pain in the behind!!! It takes so long. Good luck with it all, the colour look lovely

    Amy xox


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