Thursday, August 25, 2011


At 36, clearly I am old.  Apparently I need glasses.  It must be all that creating I've been doing lately, straining my eyes and whatnot.

I ended up taking my script into a well know spec store, sporting green as their main decor colour choice.  I shall not mention their name, only that 'spec saving' is their mantra. 

 Can I just say that customer service is not their strong point.  I had a taste of people who answer the phone whilst pretending to serve you, people who are rude when you call them to question the whereabouts of your glasses and worse, people who eat tuna from a tin behind the counter before invading your personal space to fit your glasses!

What do you think?  Very intellectual yes?

I ended up getting two pairs, one for my handbag and one for the sewing room, but I think these red ones are my favourites.

Are you a spec wearer?


  1. I am not looking forward to the day I need glasses, I know it is coming. All my granparents where glasses and both my parents do too.

    Yours look great. They suit you. Boo to spec savers and their service. Yuck at the tuna breath. I would not have appreciated that.

  2. Ah now I'msure you have extra authority now. Very smart.

    My new specs give me a headache, so I have not been weaing them.

    Happy days


  3. What a great photo! Your new specs look awesome, good choice. What a shocker with the customer service, I think I'd struggle to be near anyone who'd just eaten tuna, yuck! :o)

  4. The specs are bonza! I want glasses but I don't need 'em yet. My hubby just got them and i love it when he wears them - totally babe-tastic. Thanks for visiting me lioness lady! *s*

  5. your glasses look great!
    im 24 and wear my glasses all day everyday. they are a pain when it rains. they are a pain when they get dirty. they are just a pain when u were them for too long and they hurt.
    but i think they look cute! i dont like my face without them. they save people from poking you in the eye and you and look over them at people like the oldies do!


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