Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reunions...go...or no?

I'm heading back to Tassie on Friday for the weekend.  Apart from squeezing in some time with my mum, dad, sisters and nieces I will be going to my high school's 20 year reunion.  I am not sure if this is a wise move or not as I have been in a quandry for weeks about dieting and what to wear in an attempt to impress people that I literally have nothing to do with anymore. 

 I, of course, have done the sneaky facebook search on people to make sure they were fatter, less successful and had married balding men and ended up with ugly babies!  Alas, no.  Everyone looks suitably happy with normal looking families.

For your amusement, here's what I won't be wearing on Saturday night....

 Yes, that is a red taffeta dress with a gigantic red bow on the arse, teamed with tasteful low heels.  And a bubble fringe.  It was 1991.  And from memory we hired this lovely number from a bridal shop for $30.

And that's not my date.  That's my dad.

 This is my date.  Andrew.... otherwise know as Bubs.

Please do not ask me why.

 I looked so impressed with it.

A taffeta explosion!  Oh girls, what were we thinking!
Looking at this picture I had a little flashback.  Phillipa (the girl in white right at the end) lived across the road from our high school and we would go to her house for lunch and watch Dirty Dancing... a lot!  I still know the entire script of that movie!

Oh, Patrick, how we loved you.

Did you go to your high school reunion?  What on earth did you wear? 


  1. thank you for sharing these awesome flashbacks!!
    i love that you searched for balding husbands & ugly babies, deep down we all wish that of our ex school mates..don't we.

    i didn't go this year, emotionally i didn't need to go there, highschool wasn't that great and I just didn't want those feelings coming back.

    it's funny how we think we need to impress people we really wouldn't hang out with anymore.

    I hope you have an awesome time & a great time with your family.

    you look pretty spunky too, I always envied blonde girls ♥

  2. Lol good luck deciding if to go or not..thankfully i left High school in 1995 and (narrowly) Managed to miss most of the "puff" in dresses so it seems...phewww.
    Have fun back in the apple isle..its been surprisingly warm of late.

  3. I have mine this weekend too (and know of at least one other this weekend). Similar issues here, though I have dieted and decided on what to wear (finally) just hoping the weather cooperates or I'll be screwed!

    Will have to share (horror) storied on Monday

  4. What a great post! LOVE the photos, it is so good to look back on those moments in time. I have some awesome 80's photos, when I was a little girl and all my brother's were in their teens, classic stuff :o)
    I'm not much for reunions really. I still have a good group of friends from school days and we catch up regularly. There were quite a few people I wouldn't care to see again, so I'd say I would probably pass. Enjoy your trip to Tassie though, I'm sure it will be awesome, such a nice part of the world xo

  5. This is magnificent! Thanks for sharing!! Mine is in 2 years... *s*


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