Monday, August 29, 2011

Things I learnt at my high school reunion...

If you get the chance to go, do. Skinny jeans, red peep toes, leopard print clutch and a silky black top is apparently all you need!

Some people never change.... and some people do.

Girls age much better than boys... hello and welcome to balding!

Wear good dancing shoes... after 3 champagnes and no food, you WILL get your rhythm on when they start playing Madonna!

Wear the name tag provided... some people you simply will not remember.

Teacher's may show up, particularly ones that still teach at your high school 20 years later.  It's possibly inappropriate to regale them with tales of how much you were in love with your drama teacher... and your maths tutor... especially when they still know them in a professional work capacity.

After 20 years, it is possible to get over high school. The girl I was most afraid of in high school didn't even come... and frankly, I was prepared for her if she did!
I am ALL class!
Telling all the boys that you secretly lusted after in high school that you secretly lusted after them in high school is really quite liberating.  Lining them up and forcing them to have their photo with you is possibly crossing the line.

Leave at an appropriate hour with some of your dignity still intact.

Oh, and last but by no means least...
Chris Harris is still a spunk 20 years later!


  1. haha! Love it. Especially the fact that Chris Harris is still a spunk!

    I have my 10 year reunion next year. I am not sure if I am going to go. I might consider my 20 year on. But not my 10th. I see and speak to the ones I want too.

  2. oh my gosh! i need this!!! NEED it! i have my reunion in oct. now i know exactly what to wear... and how drunk i need to get first!

    xo em

  3. This is hilarious! Great pics, you look hot! Sounds like you went, had a great time and took the second chance at speaking your mind, all these years on. Go girl! :o) xo


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