Friday, August 12, 2011

This week I'm grateful for...

....finally feeling heaps better.

...having a normal week with the smalls where no-one was sick and missed kinder or school.

...lovely visitors to my blog who leave lovely comments.

...Spirited on Foxtel.  Do yourself a favour and watch it.  My girl crush has totally jumped from Asher to Claudia.

...being able to play netball for the first time in weeks.

...having really good friends.

...finally sewing in ALL of the ends on my blanket......approximately 1400 of them!

...making my own birthday cake (a lion for a Leo, which I will be sharing with my brother who manages to steal my birthday thunder every year by having his day two days before mine and which I was so proud of I attempted to turn into a new header for my blog!!!)


  1. Beautiful cake, beautiful header! Great to hear that you are all feeling better in your household. We are almost 100% better, and it has been SO lovely to have a quiet, normal week, after a couple of weeks of really nasty fluey things. Have a great weekend!

  2. A very cool cake, you are clever! Hope you had/have a good birthday.

  3. Just popping over from Maxabella loves...

    Love your lion cake! It looks exactly like the pic in the book!
    Happy birthday!!

  4. Fab cake! And well done on the sewing in the loose ends. Thats got to be a relief!

  5. Fabulous cake! Glad to hear you are better. And yay for comment love xx

  6. It must be such a relief to have everyone well again. I sometimes wonder if we should consider an ill child a 'normal' part of the routine in winter!!!

    LOVE your cake. I will pretend to have a virtual piece in honour of our shared early-August Leoness. Happy birthday to you!! x

  7. Great cake!

    It's such a relief when everyone is well again isn't it. And Happy birthday!


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