Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Creative Space....

Oh, Early Spring Sunshine in Melbourne, how I love thee! 

Matilda only has 1001 skirts already, so she was clearly in dire need for another.  This one is straight from Toni Coward's Make it Perfect book (I've totally met her...!) and it is super cute.  I love the little apron front and so did a certain young lady.

How could you not love her 'model' pose?!  Hands on the hips if you dont mind!

I made a size 4 in this which is a tad large for my little girl (she's not quite 3), but I tend to not wash my fabrics before creating (!!!!) and I do make mistakes so making the next size up tends to hide the fact that I dont quite get the whole concept of gathering by pulling threads when basting (a word I had to google to find out what it meant!).  The other thing one should always do when creating clothing is actually follow instructions like zigzag stitching the edge of the material if you dont have an overlocker.  Otherwise on it's first wash, one may end up with a skirt with a number of threads appearing from nowhere!  Oops!

I am totally making this skirt again now I know what to do.  I'm thinking they would make perfect Christmas presents for some sweet little nieces I have, maybe with a t-shirt with a sweet matching material applique.

Other creative types hang out here on Thursdays.  I think you should join us if you are feeling crafty.

Hope your enjoing the early almost Spring Sunshine wherever you are.


  1. That's so much like my sewing method!
    End result -beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous little skirt, and I confess I normally don't prewash either! Love the pose :)

  3. I think you've chosen wonderful colours and fabrics for this little skirt, I am sure she'll make this one a favourite!

  4. Such a cute skirt...I agree, they would make lovely gifts :)

  5. Love it! She certainly does look quite pleased with it too! It has been faaaar too long since I've visited. I've just played catch up and had a giggle over your formal shots. Love the new look blog also!
    I totally copied your idea and attempted a smash cake for Bear's birthday. Photos up later today.

  6. so cute, and what a great poser! x

  7. Totally GORGEOUS! Love the colours of the skirt AND the beautiful photo... so sweet! :o)
    You always say how you make mistakes and don't follow patterns, but your work always looks spot on. I think you're waaaay better than you give yourself credit for :o) xo

  8. I sew like that day I will learn to follow all instructions. Your skirt looks great though .


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