Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Chinese Laundry

I have rules.  On birthdays I do absolutely no housework.  In fact on lots of days I do absolutely no housework.  And because of that I end up with piles of laundry all over my house.  I rotate two clothes airers over the heating vents, I have a 'fold-ups' chair where clean clothes go to do die, and I have an ironing basket which haunts me every time I walk past it.

In my attempt to fully avoid any housework tomorrow I have turned the fold ups chair into this....

and the ironing basket into this....

(Disclaimer: I only iron my  husbands work shirts.  Everything else gets the 'shake & and fold' workout!)

And what does one watch to pass the time?

or this...

The sad thing is by tomorrow night I will not be able to walk into the laundry for fear of drowning under the mountain of dirty clothes!


  1. We have a Chinese laundry theme going on around here at the moment too.

    I don't iron unless absolutely necessary. My Hubby is a fitter and turner, so I don't even iron his work clothes. They get put of coat hangers straight of the line so they are crease free anyway, his shirts have no need to be ironed as they will end up covered in bauxite and grease! I am so grateful for that as I despise ironing.

  2. Yes, I have a permanent chinese laundry set up here too. With no clothes dryer, I'm left with dining chairs, one clothes airer and a heater that works overtime to dry all those thick, heavy Winter clothes... please roll on Summer with your warm, breezy days! Good luck with the mountain xo


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